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The best way to see how much fun it can be is to see examples of actual photos from FunPix events.

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Create your own template in seconds and enjoy all the fun of a Funpix photobooth anywhere anytime on your iPhone.

It's easy, convenient and great fun.  Search for on the App store. app


Some of the clients we've worked with

A picture is worth a lot more than you think!

At private events Funpix is all about fun. Guests love the experience and treasure their images.

At corporate events, Funpix is all about connecting with your customers, brand building and effective lead generation

From small events through to coordinated, multi-location marketing campaigns, Funpix has been providing innovative photo booth solutions since 2008 - the first company in Israel to offer such a service.

Along the way we've taken almost 500,000 pictures and collected hundreds of satisfied customers. Photobooth companies overseas now use our propriatory application - it's that good!


What do you get?

Since we use our own photo booth application, we can offer our customers loads of really cool advanced features not offered by our competition.

In 2008 we were the first company in Israell to rent photo booths at events.  Today, we're the only company in Israel to offer

* A choice of over 20 different layouts

* Custom designed templates.  Take a look at sample private events and corporate events.

* Real-time e-mail distribution

* Multiple copies or even "print-per-person" - with all the prints delivered to your guests within seconds.

* Image filters and / or the option of fixed images.

* Full magnets (10*15cm)

And above all ...  great great service.